Q. Does SSB accept applications year round?
A. Yes, SSB accepts applications throughout the school year.             

Q.Where do most SSB students live?
A.Most SSB students live in Waterloo, Rhode St Gensius, and Lasne areas.  Some students live further away. We even have students traveling from the center of Brussels. SSB offers a door-to-door bus service for students.

Q.What are the average class sizes at SSB?
A.SSB classes average between 12 – 15 students.

Q.What is the turnover of students?
A. At SSB, we have an average turnover of 30% of our student population every year. Our psychosocial plan ensures that students feel right at home from the very start.Our Parents Association ensures that every new SSB family has a “mentor” family who helps them find their way from admission to school start.

Q.Does SSB offer a warm lunch?
A.Yes, we serve a healthy warm lunch every day where fresh herbs and local products support a healthy, balanced diet. Students are also served fresh fruit during breaks every day.

Q.Does SSB offer extra-curricular activities?
A.Yes, SSB offers a robust extra-curricular program.  We have a Sports Club, a Culture School, and Academic enrichment workshops. 

Q.Does SSB have a scholarship policy?
A.Yes, SSB sets aside a portion of the annual budget each year to be able to offer scholarships to families in need.  If you think you may qualify, please contact admissions@ssb.be for more details.