“In Preschool we lay the foundation for life-long learning.”

We offer an exciting and stimulating environment with a safe and harmonious atmosphere. Curiosity, initiative, and interest are key ingredients when planning every day. We stimulate their will and desire to learn. Working from a holistic view of the child, we want all children to feel satisfaction in their activities. Play is a tool for children to learn to cope with various situations, therefore we consciously use play to develop social skills.

We learn through play inside and outside every day.

                     “The child’s mother tongue is established first.”

Although the nationalities of our groups can be mixed, we focus on the mother tongue language development for every child. A mastery of the mother tongue language readies our students to excel when learning their second and third languages. The children learn their first language with their mother tongue teachers, and the rest of the time there are both Scandinavian and French-speaking teachers working together in the groups. French, the language of our host country, is introduced through fairy-tales and rhymes.