”It is fun to learn a lot of new stuff!”

The Compulsory School at SSB aims to create the ideal conditions for the students’ learning and personal development. Every student must feel that going to school is both stimulating and important and students should leave the school with a keen interest for lifelong learning. Our way of working includes creative, aesthetic and ethical elements that truly motivate the students to develop their ability to think and to reflect.

“The student’s mother tongue is a key subject.”
The mother tongue aids the development of every student’s thinking, creativity and social relations. Through language, our students conquer new concepts, learn to see connections, think logically, critically analyse arguments and evaluate statements and results.
Our students get excellent opportunities to use and develop their skills in different aspects of their mother tongue. Good reading habits is a vital part of learning, as well as the ability to express oneself through oral and written work.
Strong knowledge of one’s mother tongue and culture helps students learn other languages even better.

 “There is an increasing demand for French and English.”
French naturally has a prominent place at our school, as an official language of our host country. English holds a dominant position in the international community and is thus often used as our common language. Anyone wishing to live and work in Europe in the future should note the increasing demand for deeper and wider knowledge of English and French.
Sports and some of the aesthetic subjects are taught in French. From class 6, parts of the Social Science programme are offered in English, and from class 8 it is taught mostly in English.

“Everyone knows everyone else!”
SSB is highly competent in caring for students in need of special support.
Small teaching groups provide a good learning atmosphere. We focus on the individual student and put high demands on students and teachers alike, which gives everyone a great opportunity to realise their full potential.