Breakfast at the balcony

          Being a boarding student is a unique opportunity for independence
                            “Living in a castle can change your life forever.”

Every year, a group of young people get the chance to be boarding students at the SSB for one, two or the full three years of Upper Secondary.

A year of schooling in the heart of Europe is, for most of them, a life-changing experience, and their stay either at our 19th century castle on the school premises or with one of our hand-picked boarding families guarantees that.

Our ambition is to offer you a place which is harmonious and secure.Taking part in the academic and cultural programmes of SSB provides the students with a broader view of Europe and the international community. Waterloo is only 15 km south of Brussels. It is easy to take the local train to the city to find anything a young heart desires: shops, culture, cinemas, restaurants, parks, cafés – Brussels has got it all! Most of these things can also be found in Waterloo within walking distance from the Chateau.