Our comprehensive program supports the students academically and socially                              ”Sometimes it is hard just to keep up.”

There are new things to learn every single day and information coming from everywhere. If you realise you need some assistance, it’s good to know there is help to be had. At SSB there are three special support functions we call the Language, the Math and the Writing Studio. They are open one afternoon a week for the students to come and get help from dedicated teachers.

Our Special Needs Teachers will give assistance to students in need of extra help. We also have a number of specially trained teachers at SSB who care for students in need of extra assistance. Together with the parents and the other teachers they see to that all students get the help they need.

Everyone who works with students at SSB believes all students can reach their fullest potential with the right support.  All teachers have a responsibility to continually observe and report student progress to identify any possible special needs concerns. Classroom teachers monitor academic progress and tutors monitor overall student development, including social development.  All staff shares the responsibility of supporting every student. All of our teachers understand the complexity in the development process, especially for students with identified learning challenges.

At SSB, we also believe that the best possible support extends beyond the school hours and therefore, we always seek to develop strong, open relationships with parents.  This relationship starts with admission.  Upon admission, students and parents are asked to provide the school with all relevant information to the student’s learning style and needs.

The academic and social support for all students at SSB is monitored by the Student Care team. The team meets every week to ensure active, continual, and systematic follow-up. If it is determined through thorough assessment that a student needs extra support, a Plan for Special Measures is developed for the child.

To support classroom learning, we have special needs teachers who work actively with classroom instruction, peer coaching, development and assessment.  Technology is used where appropriate as an aid for the student.